Frozen lake?

fishingexpeditionDo you have a frozen lake 4-5 months of the year?  no problem!  just go ice fishing!.

That’s what we did this past weekend.  We happened to go up North for the weekend to visit family and so went to check on the nets set on the lake.  While it’s a novelty and “once-in-a-while”activity for me, it is in fact, a very normal, regular, a thing-you-do-for-fish activity for my in-laws.  They live by the lake so irrespective of the season, they fish.  Different fish in different seasons, and different types of fishing are involved and my least favorite of them all is ice fishing of course.

sun_frozenlakeI remember the very first time I went on frozen lake to check the nets almost a decade ago!.  Since it was the first time, I was quite aware that i am standing on frozen water.  And it is usually very very quiet and you could hear every little sound. I heard groans and squeaks when we were standing around.  Logically I do know there is  25-30 cms of ice where I am standing but it did make me uneasy and worry about “what if the ice break” scenarios.  I have seen snowmobiles and even cars drive on the frozen lakes but experiencing it in-person is quite different.  This time around, I wasn’t worried and definitely enjoyed the pure whiteness around.

icefishing1I didn’t go for Ice fishing where you sit on a stool in a shack with a fishing pole dropped into a hole on the ground and wait.  I think I can live without experiencing that particular scenario.  Checking the nets is much faster:)  A wooden stick pokes out of the snow to show the place where a hole has been made and net dropped in.  Of course you need at least 2 holes for each net (one for each end).  The net sort of hangs between the two holes and catches fish.

Our dogs came with us to the lake and they really enjoy running around in snow that’s almost as deep as them!  Sometimes they shiver (presumably from cold) and immediately start running around, chasing each other, till they feel warm again.  They seem to remember from last year that a hole on the vast white area would mean “food”.

This time we caught two Burbots.  My in-laws were generous and send us home with both of them.  I made Finnish Burbot soup, Indian tomato stew and Indian Fish fry with onions and spices.  Made from freshest fish, how can they not taste good right!

The day we went to the lake, it wasn’t too bad of a weather.  Sun was peeking through the clouds once in a while, was about -12C or so.  The very next day, it went to -25C and bright Sun!  It was beautiful beyond any words can describe.  As long as I don’t have to shovel snow few times a day, I love the beauty of winter here.

IMG_7443Speaking of shoveling snow, we are right in the middle of winter now.  It has been snowing a lot and this week seems like a very snowy week.  Yesterday, we received almost 20cms of snow!  I don’t even mind shoveling the snow from our yard.  But the snowplow that comes to clear the sidewalks leaves a big wall of compacted snow at the end of the driveway.  Now, cleaning that is my least favorite thing to do.  Thankfully my husband does it most of the time:)

Sometimes we even catch Snow plows deeply in discussions, like in this picture!..

Here’s a brief video of ice -fishing net being pulled out.


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As the title suggests, I am an Indian (born and raised) who lived and worked in California, married a Finnish guy and now living in Finland raising our son. Here's my take on living in Finland.

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