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Did you all catch the blood moon last night?



It’s basically total lunar eclipse and moon looks distinctively red.  It was early morning here when that happened in Finland and clear sky so we were able to catch it.  It was also -22C this morning so I didn’t have enough motivation to get my camera out and take picture.  So I just used my iPhone to capture it. Especially the moon happened to be right next to two big snow-filled trees and it looked extra spectacular.


Our son goes to school almost everyday by bus. Three days of the week, his school starts at 8am. When he was younger (i.e. <11yrs), he would wake up at 6am without anyone waking him up. But now, of course, he has harder time waking up early morning.  It’s quite natural for pre-teens and teenagers to be able to stay up late and have hard time waking up early morning.  I really really wish schools start later than 8am!!!  Their brains will be more alert to absorb what’s been taught but that is whole different topic.  Bus stop is about 1-2 min walk from our home.  Not far at all.  And most days he does go a bit early so as not to miss the bus.  But especially on days like today, with -22C, it’s not pleasant to miss bus or wait at the bus stop for long.



What if there is an app which will tell you exactly where the bus is and so you can time it perfectly?  It’s easy enough to implement isn’t it.  Buses get equipped with a tracker that can be tracked real time via app.  Well, I was quite impressed a couple of years ago, when we visited Tampere and one of our friend’s daughter showed me this app on her phone she can check to know exactly how far the bus is .  This enables her to stay home as long as possible and not miss the bus. I don’t know about everywhere in Finland but definitely lot of the buses in Tampere and it’s neighborhood cities can be tracked real time.img_7163

So, usually (and especially on days like today), I check the app in the morning closer to actual time of arrival to our bus stop and plan so he doesn’t have to go too early or ever miss the bus.  In the picture, where it shows green circle with #81, it shows the bus and the arrow in the front shows which direction its going.  I know this is what’s called “luxury” and not “necessity” but you will be surprised how quickly you get used to it and depend on it.  Once in a while, an older bus gets assigned to our route and can’t be tracked. You should see me glued to the window after my son leaves to make sure the bus goes by (because if it doesn’t, I have to hurry out to take him by car)

Of course if it snowed a lot the previous night, it becomes even more imperative he doesn’t miss that bus.  Otherwise, we would have to shovel that snow before we can take him to school.


img_7260It’s beautiful here in winter with snow laden trees and our dogs love to go for a walk till about -15C.  After that, they are not too happy going out. So they get their cute little sweaters on to keep them comfy when we go out.  We don’t go for long walks on days like today but definitely enjoy the cool breeze twice a day!  Especially on the days Sun comes out, I love watching the sky at Sunrise and Sunsets.


Doesn’t the picture at the top and here (Sunset last two days) looks like beaming up into a golden UFO:)


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As the title suggests, I am an Indian (born and raised) who lived and worked in California, married a Finnish guy and now living in Finland raising our son. Here's my take on living in Finland.

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