Merry Christmas, Happy Yule and a very Happy New Year…

Taking a break for the rest of the month to wind down and enjoy time with family.  I will see all of you next year (that makes it sound like a long time away) with lot more stories and preview into life in Finland…

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It has been a bit hectic last couple of weeks preparing for my first Open Studio and Christmas sale along with a jewelry friend.  Inspite of both of us knowing the Finnish culture (the jewelry friend is Finnish), it still was a bit disappointing that people who even expressed interest in the event didn’t actually come:) . But that is to be expected in my experience.  They like to see it in repetition before actually daring to visit:) .







And have been fighting a nasty flu bug for past 2 weeks and still not quite over it yet.  But for this week, I am trying to get into Christmas mode… Today’s agenda is to make the wreath (bought all the materials needed.  Since we don’t actually own a forest, I had to buy branches etc needed).  Also bought some white straw (not sure if its rye or wheat) to make Yule goat.  Made some Pulla to fill the house with festive smell of baking and starting the ginger bread cookie dough tonight…






Some non-alcoholic Glöggi to enjoy while writing the blog.  Made juice with black currants, berries and apples this summer just for this.  Warm it up with some spices (cloves, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, citrus peel) and pour it into a glass with raisins.   Our winter time favorite drink.




Enjoy time with your families irrespective of whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Yuletide or just being with people you love.

See you all next year…..

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As the title suggests, I am an Indian (born and raised) who lived and worked in California, married a Finnish guy and now living in Finland raising our son. Here's my take on living in Finland.

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