Brain drain

Last couple of weeks have been a bit upsetting.  Not that it is a new thing I am encountering here but still frustrated me.  A family friend of ours who has been in Finland for more than a decade moved out of the country.  Not because they particularly want to.  But because there is no prospect of a good job here for her. She is not Finnish born but after coming to this country, she did become a citizen and so did her kids.  She has Maths background and a brilliant mind.  She is most wonderful with kids, love teaching them and worked in a pre-school for years.  On top of all this, she is almost finished with her teaching degree from one of the most prestigious universities in UK.  Even before she is done there, she got offers pouring in UK but here in Finland, nothing.  She was even told by many that she shouldn’t expect one here.  So, the country is losing 2 very talented individuals (her husband is a brilliant scientist) and their family.

Sometimes, like me, people move to Finland because their spouses are Finnish.  In a lot of the cases I have seen, spouses usually either become home bound or work in places that has nothing to do with their background (engineers working as pre-school teachers although I hear now even pre-school teachers need a teaching degree so there goes that too).  I remember trying for jobs when I moved last time. With a Masters in Engineering, 2 patents and experience working with  engineering teams in multiple countries, I couldn’t acquire a single interview even in my own field of Wireless. Imagine how wonderful it would be to actually utilize the brain power thats coming to the country!  I would like to explore this issue more in the future but just wanted to touch base on it for now.

I hear things are changing slowly.  I hear in Technical fields, with younger generation being entrepreneurs, non-Finnish people (at least young graduates) do have better chance of getting jobs in the cities.  But non-technical fields, the problems still stays the same.  I understand about giving jobs to the best candidate possible but it shouldn’t disappear as soon as that person is non-Finnish.

Every country has different problems of course… In Finland, people welcome you into family with no prejudices even if you are not Finnish.  I never felt anything but love from family here after our marriage.  But finding a job is no easy task.  Meanwhile in India, as a foreigner, usually it wouldn’t be as big a problem finding a job or working in the field you want to…. But if you marry an Indian, it’s not so easy to be accepted by family and be part of the family…. especially if you are marrying an Indian girl…

Different countries, different problems…..

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As the title suggests, I am an Indian (born and raised) who lived and worked in California, married a Finnish guy and now living in Finland raising our son. Here's my take on living in Finland.

2 thoughts on “Brain drain

  1. It might be interesting and enlightening to research various media sources for articles about employment racial discrimination in Finland. Does Finland have magazines such as “Time” or specialty newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal? Your local library should be able to assist you.


    1. Hi Da Pritt, I Want to clarify to make sure. I wouldn’t call it racial discrimination. I never felt that…its more like being non-Finnish… and not being able to speak Finnish as fluently as a native probably plays a role as well. We are raising our son here in the hope that studying here and slowly being part of the society here, speaking like a native will take away those disadvantages when he is ready to look for a job. I never felt treated differently because of my color etc….Maybe i should elaborate that in another blog because there is a sharp distinction between racism (as we talk about ) and what the situation is for jobs here.


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