The Journey Begins….at last

This is my second time around living in Finland.  Life here, as a foreigner, is interesting and different.  Having a Finnish family helps in understanding the culture and nuances but still is quite fascinating.  I get asked on various topics about Finland all the time and having lived in 3 different continents, I myself ponder about some of everyday things – how they are different or similar to my experiences in other places.  So after only 6 months of contemplating whether or not to, decided to share my experiences in a blog with all who is curious!  I will share regular life things and how they are here and from time to time compare with other places I lived/experienced.  This is neither political or critique…just my observation and personal experience:)

Thought maybe I will start with the name of the country!.  Everyone in the world (except people who live in the country) call it Finland (and by extension, people who live in it Finnish).  But everyone who lives in this country, we call it “Suomi” (not Finland) and people who live here are Suomalainen (in Suomi language of course).  I tried to find the origins for either of the names.  Seems like there is no one definite answer but the Wikipedia one seems to be the most agreed upon or mentioned.  The word Finland definitely seems to be older than Suomi and is mentioned in writing from other parts of the world.

Oh! they have different names for other countries too…  India is Intia, Sweden is Ruotsi, France is Ranska (so French fries is Ranskanperuna), Russia is Venäjä,  Germany is Saksa etc. etc.  Its not uncommon for countries to have different names internally.  eg: People in India call their country Bharat while everyone else in the world calls it India.

I am looking forward to sharing the good, the bad and the “hmmmm” of life in Finland.




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As the title suggests, I am an Indian (born and raised) who lived and worked in California, married a Finnish guy and now living in Finland raising our son. Here's my take on living in Finland.

6 thoughts on “The Journey Begins….at last

  1. I’m in! Inquiring minds want to know how you pronounce Suomi? When I write something that I know my readers won’t know how to pronounce if I do it the dictionary way, I do this: for the word “Hawai’i” I would write it phonetically as [Huh-Y-ee]. The hyphens separate the syllables, and the capital letter shows where the accent is. Looking forward to your blogs!! ❤


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